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VP.NET offers virtual servers in multiple locations around the world in top grade datacenters.

The Cloud that makes senseThe Cloud that makes senseThe Cloud that makes senseThe Cloud that makes sense


Our plans will cover all your needs, from our most basic offering for simple websites to larger needs all the way toward large server clusters.

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Do not wait after you order, your server is started instantly and can be accessed via SSH in minutes.
The VP.NET console allows you to easily manage your servers, start new servers or move them across borders.
Upgrade <br/>at any timeUpgrade
at any time
Not enough CPU for your current workload? Upgrade to a larger plan and quickly benefit from more resources!
Security <br/>and PrivacySecurity
and Privacy
VP.NET offers the highest standard of security with two factor authentication, banking industry encryption and more


VP.NET is present in multiple locations across the world in order to allow you to respond to your customers needs faster. Choose a location, and you’re ready to go!

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Asked Questions

  1. Where are my General Purpose Instances located ?
    By default servers are provisioned in the datacenter closest to you, however you can choose a different location at order time.
  2. How long does it take for my server to be up?
    Servers are started instantly. Once the server is started it may take a couple minutes for the OS to finish booting and services to be available.
  3. How to extend my permanent storage ?
    Upgrading to a plan with more storage will allow you to benefit from said storage even without restarting your machine. The method may vary depending on the OS in use, please contact our support if you are having trouble.
  1. How do snapshots works?
    Servers have snapshots taken automatically every 24 hours and kept for up to 7 days. You can at any time return to a previous snapshot in order to recover lost data, even if it was erased on purpose.
  2. Which Linux distributions are available ?
    We offer standard linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and more.
  3. Is it secure and private ?
    VP.NET goes through all possible extends to ensure customer security and privacy. Two factor authentication, enterprise grade security and security alerts are available to all customers.